Over 11 years ago I made a choice to begin in earnest to make changes in my life, to take it to another level, for me. I had just finished reading Dr. Andrew Weils 8 Weeks to Optimal Health, a proven program for taking full advantage of your body’s natural healing power. I wasn’t going to get it done in 8 weeks, so I decided on taking 8 months instead. I also knew that if I shared my goals with others I would be more likely to follow through and achieve them. I emailed ten friends and outlined the plan to them… that they would be getting a weekly email for the next 8 months and reminded them if they weren’t into reading them they could delete them. The Weekly turned out to be a great way to keep in touch with people and after getting positive feedback the deadline was extended to a year, and then as you can tell, years. The number of recipients has grown to over 250.  Now, the same as with practicing yoga daily, it has become part of my life to sit down weekly, on Sunday night and get The Weekly out there. 

I am happy to report that my health and outlook on life is much improved and in a better state that it was when I started the Weekly. Thank you for your participation, and stay in touch when it works for you. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.


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