Over the past 23 years, I have developed a strong friendship with Jake Goertzen. He has gained my trust with his confidentiality of all our conversations. Jake has provided me with positive encouragement throughout my playing career, while also being honest and forthright in identifying what is holding me back from being the best that I can be. He does a great job of listening first, but most importantly – provides direction for improvement. His life experiences and understanding of people make him a great resource that I continue to use as a professional goalie coach. I would recommend Jake’s services to anyone who wants to get the most out of their life.

– Corey Schwab – 2003 Stanley Cup Champion – NJ Devils – Snohomish, WA

Our paths crossed before I even knew it. Jake was jolted into the work force much before most. Jake’s father worked with my father. Jake’s father passed away in unfortunate and untimely accident. Jake went to work for my father to help support the sizeable Goertzen family. Fast forward about 10 years and Jake was in Fort St.John running his own water trucking business, along with his brother Bill. Jake was involved in the junior hockey team as well when I first played there. He was the bus driver/manager and a counsellor to many of the players. Jake sponsored a fastball team as well, the Mel’s Water Jets, and I played on that team too. Jake and I became life long friends. Jake was the best man at my wedding and he also became great friends with my wife Linda. When Linda and I decided to build and operate a Boston Pizza Jake joined us in the venture and was an extremely supportive business partner.

Jake is one of the few friends that will always give you the straight goods whether you are in the mood or not, a quality that should be wriiten in as part of defintion of “friend”. Jake is determined person and invented the term “all in”. Anything he does he aspires to doing it the best. Having said all that Jake’s most redeeming quality I believe is that no matter how long we go between seeing each other or talking the relationship never misses a beat.

-Tim Maisoneuve – Owner Bin There Dump That – Edmonton, Alberta

I met Jake through my life-long friend Lori Channell. I immediately recognized Jake’s passion for enlightenment and self-empowerment. I became an avid follower of his weekly e-newsletter, and remain so to this day. Jake has an innate gift that enables him to cut through the noise and get to the heart of an issue or concern. Using his extensive and varied life experiences, he can relate to anyone on a very personal level. Jake is a walking testimonial to the power of setting goals and achieving your dreams. He is knowledgeable, caring, thoughtful, and honest—all of the characteristics that make him a valuable life coach, and a person you are proud to call a friend.

– Kim Buchanan, Bothell, WA, MTEC, Inc, Director of Instructor Development and Industry Relations

Jake Goertzen’s life travels and adventures have taken him to all corners of the globe. His ability to truly listen to people and show empathy for them has earned him friends and admirers in all walks of life. When I worked with Jake he was supposed to be, primarily, a hockey talent scout; however, I came to rely on him in so many other ways, working with our players’ not on hockey matters but on life issues. From introducing an aging veteran to the career-prolonging benefits of yoga to working with superstar athletes on resolving every day crises of confidence to helping a young player recognize a destructive personality trait, Jake was every bit as much a “life coach” then as a top hockey scout. Jake is honest and he cares, two qualities in critically short supply today. He is also someone I am proud to call a friend.

– Jay H. Feaster, former Tampa Bay Lightning General Manager, Tampa, FL

Jake has truly been an inspiration in my life since the day we first met. His communication skills, along with his passion to help others, make him an outstanding mentor and teacher. Jake has impacted the lives of many individuals through his ability to listen and provide feedback that is extremely beneficial to anyone he comes in contact with. He posses a great knack to connect with any and all individuals, and is able to see things from many perspectives. Jake is not only a great friend, mentor, and teacher but he is an even a better person with strong moral and ethical conviction. Thanks Jake, for everything you have taught me throughout the years.

– Brady Greco, RYT-CYT 200 Yoga Instructor, Minneapolis, MN

I first met Jake thru business about 10 yrs ago and have been impressed with his zest for life ever since! Jake is a caring person who sees the good in a person. He is unselfish and great to be around. His infectious attitude is why he has so many quality friends all over the world. He’s not afraid to chase his dreams and lives life to the fullest….something we can all learn from. I am proud to be a friend of Jake’s!

– Murray Newman, Realtor, Kelowna, BC

I was 16, playing 18 holes with Jake and two of his brothers in Fort St John, BC. dreaming of becoming a professional golfer. 15 years have passed, and I will say that I would not be the person I am today without Jake’s influence.

Throughout it all I finally realized THIS was what he was doing: Life Coaching.

I recall one specific conversation with Jake. I explained how fortunate I am that I had someone to talk to, who takes time to understand and help find solutions to problems and questions we all have.

I asked, “Jake, why did you choose me? Why do you care and help me achieve?”

His answer I will never forget, “Kris I saw potential in you. At the end of the day all anyone really wants is to leave the world a better place. Sure I could write a check, to some charity; there I’ve made the world a better place… Or I can take the time, invest in you, rounds of golf, lunches and conversation, and you will go out and continue to make the world a better place.”

Jake listens with his heart, and will lead you to exceed your life goals and expectations. His sincerity is rare and his commitment to YOU will be amazing. I am happy you found him.

– Kris Hartman, Golf Pro, Andalusia CC La Quinta, CA

I have known Jake for over 25 years and have leaned on him many times for advice and direction. Along with being a great friend, Jake has been a valued and trusted confidante over that time. Be it a personal or business problem, Jake always provides proactive and creative feedback to any problem. A great resource!

– Gary Michalick, Lombard Graphics, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jake is the kind of person, I would sincerely wish everybody would have as a friend. Just recently I spent a few hours with a high Buddhist lama and when I asked him, to put in one simple sentence, what is the key to happiness, contentment and inner peace, he answered: “Acceptance and Compassion”.

If I could say only one sentence about Jake, then it is this: “He is a wonderful teacher of Acceptance and Compassion”. I know only a few people, who are so open and accepting, so kind and loving, so appreciative and forgiving like Jake. He is a man who has lived many lives, he has walked many paths, he has stumbled and suffered like everybody along life’s journey, he had many triumphs, but all the time he was Jake, a friend you could always count on.

And, it is very rare to find somebody who can listen like Jake, nothing is too simple or mundane, everybody is important, it doesn’t matter how small or big the problems might seem for the person who seeks his advice and guidance. He is really LISTENING, he is really PRESENT and his suggestions come from his own experiences, which is most valuable.

I wish him all the best for his wonderful work, to help people, to create a fulfilled and boundless life of their own. Jake will be a wonderful companion along this way, trust me, he will never let you down, and he will never give up upon you.

With love and light,

– Pit Sorge, Physical Therapist & Yoga Instructor, Erfurt, Germany & Mysore, India

When I heard Jake was going to be a life coach it made perfect sense, he has been a great sounding board for me for over four years.

Jake is the perfect life coach because he has a terrific disposition – he’s always smiling, he doesn’t pretend to know everything, he’s constantly learning new things and he’s not afraid to let anyone know if they are taking the easy way out – he’s compassionate yet firm.

Jake is always in a good mood and is someone who is always trying to find solutions for those around him. He has a natural way of giving advice without imposing his will on anyone.

For someone to give meaningful advice to others, it’s not enough to want to help others but one must have lived through many experiences, failed and succeeded and be able to convey his wisdom to others. Jake is able to do this because he’s had those experiences. As far as I’m concerned, he has been a life coach for as long as I’ve known him, he’s just now going to get compensated for it!

– Claude Loiselle, Former NHL Player & Team Executive – Glenns Falls, NY

A fortunate thing happened to me years back when I was introduced to Jake as Director of Player Personnel for the Seattle Thunderbirds. Little did I know that this chance meeting would lead me into the starting of the development of a young man dealing with hockey pressures and most importantly becoming a better person.

Jake guided me through the difficult times of being a teenage boy and enabled me to gain lifelong skills that would benefit me in the future. He guided me out of my comfort zone and taught me how to change my negative outlook and habits and turn them into being more positive. This allowed me to avoid a lot of problems and control only what I am able to control….myself……..

He taught me that I control myself, my feelings, my preparation (of hockey and school) and my outlook on life. He was really genuine when he spoke and cut to the chase. He told the truth, even when the truth hurt. As well, he always told me things that other people would not say – and also supported me when I was feeling uneasy. This allowed me to reach my full potential.

My life has greatly benefited – with the many lessons learned from Jake over the years. He has given me the tools to crystallize my values and goals in life which have allowed me to develop into the person I am today.

I believe I have been successful in life because of a pretty good lesson Jake taught me many years ago that I remember just like it was yesterday. He said – “You really have no excuses – don’t complain. The success I create or the success I don’t create is always about me and being accountable for my choices”.

As well, Jake allowed me to recognize and see my self-destructive patterns as something “I” was putting in my way of having the success.
Would I say Jake has been an influential part of my life? Definitely!

His guidance, generosity, wisdom and positive attitude have made a major difference in the quality of my life and the development of me as a human being.
To this end, I am now a proud father of three boys and married to Lori, my wonderful wife . I have been fortunate enough to give back to minor hockey as I have coached all my sons’ hockey for the last 8 years – which is my passion. As well, I have two University Degrees and teach in the mornings and then teach hockey in the afternoons with a first class Hockey Program.
I would like to say “Thank You Jake”.

– Kent Dochuk, Teacher, Edmonton, AB

I was on staff at the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2009 session in Palm Desert that Jake graduated from. My first 1:1 interaction with Jake was early on during a posture clinic where Jake ‘performed’ his dialogue. He appeared to be struggling with his dialogue and I inquired whether the issue was with memorization or delivery. Jake looked at me and said, “All of it – but I’ll get it, I know it’ll come.” And I believed him.

That is a snapshot of the Jake I know and the traits he embodies: A quiet confidence and belief in himself; wisdom and humility to acknowledge his vulnerabilities; and faith – that with hard work, patience and diligence, “it’ll come”. Traits that I believe make him an invaluable teacher, leader, mentor and friend.

– Esther Oh, Master of Clinical Social Work (MSW, RSW), Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor,
Coquitlam, BC

Jake and I spent three seasons together working for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Our paths continually crossed as we were both involved in developing young players for the organization.

Jake was easy to work with, a great sounding board, and supportive of all decisions we made together for the advancement of our young prospects.

What I liked best though was his demeanor, which was always even keeled and relaxed, in an atmosphere that is extremely high tempo.

– Frank Anzalone, Career Hockey Coach, Johnstown, PA

I have known Jake on both a professional and personal level for over 20 years. In that time, he has been a trusted friend and counselor.

He is respected and admired for his ability to promote cooperative behavior and build strong working relationships. In fact, I believe that he excels in effective coaching and counseling of cohorts.

For as long as I’ve known him he has reinforced one’s positive potential assisting them in the achievement of new levels of personal growth and knowledge.

– Steve Baker, Former Vice President of New England Regional Sales for Fox Sports, NHL goaltender NYR, and Tampa Bay Lightning Scout, Boston, MA

I met Jake on the first day of my Bikram Yoga teacher training and I am a more inspired human for the experience. I was and still am grateful for Jakes intuitive ability to zero in on baggage that I was unwittingly carting around for the last couple of years. By letting go of all the unnecessary clutter in my life, I was able to make room for fresh new ideas and energy to take the place of old stale energy. As the owner of a Yoga studio that Jake taught in, I am in awe of the way Jake continues to be an inspiration on a daily basis to all that share time with him. He is an inspiration to all the Bikram yoga teachers that take his class due to his true dedication to dialog and practice. I am forever grateful.

– Kim Ersan, Willits, CA


I just checked out your new website and I am ecstatic to see that you are willing to share your life experiences with others. As my unofficial life coach for the past twenty years I can only imagine what having someone like you to confide in will mean to others. I have deeply respected your opinions and your ability to solve problems. You have made a major difference in my life. All the best with your new endeavor, I know it will be a tremendous success.

– Russ Williams, President, Williams Entertainment, Clearwater, FL

Jake and I arrived in Seattle the same year. It did not take long to realize that he was an outstanding communicator and in tune with the different personalities on the hockey team. Our friendship has lasted over 30 years and continues to grow. His ability to deal with personal issues is
exceptional and he is astute to identifying problems and giving practical solutions to deal with them. He is an outstanding listener, communicator, and friend. I have immense respect for Jake as a person and professional.

– Renzo Berra – Teacher – Prince George, BC

I have known Jake for over 30 years. Jake’s positive attitude, desire for self improvement and amazing listening skills will be an asset for anyone working with him. His past experience coaching very successful individuals as well as those desiring to achieve these high levels will provide beneficial insight.

– Ken Ficocelli, CA BDO Canada LLP, Kelowna, BC


It is with pleasure that I contribute my thoughts on our paths crossing while together with the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club.

As someone once told me, ” professional hockey is a great game but bad business to be in “….the life of a professional coach, scout, GM, etc., etc., is a volatile one at best, but the passion that we bring to the game is unsurpassed and drives us to the next challenge in the game. Although we spent only two years working toward the same goal for our parent club, the respective relationship that we developed for each other will last a lifetime. Your commitment and passion to the game and life has had a positive influence on me, and I thank you for sharing that with me.

You are gentleman and a scholar, and one of the most caring individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with in over thirty years in the hockey world.

“May you sail with the wind behind you at all times”…..unknown

– Steve Stirling, Career Hockey Coach

Hi Jake,

We met through my son Rick. I became fortunate enough to take a vicarious tour around the world through your eyes as an NHL scout. I can thank our mutual friends, the Beyaks for that good fortune, as they had me added to your weekly mailing list many years ago.

After hockey, the tour has continued as a world traveler with a desire to become a teacher of yoga. Wow, what a transition! More than anything else Jake, the most impressive thing I find about you, is that through it all, you have always been the same person, one who has never forgotten where he came from.

– Dick Ronish, Seattle, WA

Hello Jake,

As always its good to hear from you. Weather out here has been phenomenal! March came in like a lamb so we will see if the old adage holds true and have it leave like a lion. My daughter has had fun teasing her friend who bought two ski-do’s this winter and we’ve had virtually no snow. Bedding plants have been started so the hope of spring is just around the corner.

I have never been good at keeping in touch with relatives; my family would mention that you had been to visit, that you were a scout for NHL teams. Curiosity got me to go to one of the family get together at a local restaurant. I’m glad I did. I like to meet people who think outside the box. It is pretty amazing to have someone in the family who dared to think in a broader spectrum of life and pursue a life that allowed travel across the world. When that ended for you I was duly impressed at how you picked up and pursued a new interest. Age doesn’t come into it at all does it? Not that we’re old but not everyone has the chutzpah to turn their life into a new exciting venture, which totally impresses me. I love people who never say never. You have enriched my life by showing me that anything is possible with the right attitude. Love it!

Long distance or not I feel a connection to you, not just because we are related as family but the spirit of believing that anything is possible.

Take care, Cousin

– Justine Henrichs, Vonda, SK

I have known Jake Goertzen for many years, going back to our days together in the Western Hockey League, he with the Seattle Thunderbirds, me with the Saskatoon Blades. Soon we were both employed by Seattle and that is where I got to know him, first as a co worker, then as a friend. Always a hard worker, always a communicator, Jake was a key member of our team. His commitment to the job and drive to succeed soon took him to the next level, the National Hockey League. He joined the Tampa Bay Lightning, and as a member of their management team saw their efforts rewarded with a Stanley Cup win.

To Jake, commitment and dedication are mandatory, whether it’s hockey, golf, yoga, or helping people over the speed bumps of life. His belief: give yourself the absolute best opportunity to succeed. He is well traveled, he is well read, and he is well grounded.

– Dennis Beyak, Play by Play Broadcaster, Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I met Jake Goertzen in the summer of 2006. I caddied for him at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the Oregon coast. It was interesting how I even got the job with Jake. My friend, who was supposed to carry Jake’s bag, had another job that week and I received the recommendation through him. “When the student is ready, the teacher will find you.”

Jake and I didn’t speak of “life coaching” well into our friendship. I asked him questions and he asked me questions. Pretty standard. When I would say something with naive language, he would correct me. His accomplishments intrigued me and the more I got to know about them, the more I wanted to know how he established them. His life stories were fascinating, yet seemingly unobtainable all in one. Our first encounter was only an ice breaker; the water hadn’t started to melt yet.

Before we parted ways the first time, I picked his brain for titles of books he recommended. He suggested the “THE WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR” and “THE LAW OF ATTRACTION”. I immediately started reading them. The books seemed to me like hidden treasures, representing happiness and success. Initially the books did make me feel better, the joyous feelings soon faded away though with continued practice of my old tendencies and habits.

The next time I saw Jake was a year later when I caddied for him again. I was now at a point in my mental state where I had been awakened to the idea of change, still I was not quite sure how to obtain my goals or even what they were. I was still displaying all the habits that caused me hardships, there was a different perspective though of how I felt about them. I wanted to be successful and happy, I just didn’t know how to grasp them and bring it into reality.

The second encounter with Jake wasn’t so standard. He wasn’t rude. He was honest and forthright though about the things in my life that needed to change in order to be doing a life, rather than just trying a life. I had been trying to squeeze everything into my life rather than doing the things I needed to truly make me happy.

The ideas that were presented to me by Jake sat on a table for a long time. Almost 2 years. About one year ago I committed to change. I stopped making excuses, I held myself accountable, and I have been actually living for the first time in my life. Through my commitment to change, inspired by Jake Goertzen, I have seen glimpses of a life I never thought obtainable. I currently have my dream job doing marketing for Bridgestone Golf and am also committed to the necessary steps to become a professional golfer. The power of the human mind and commitment to doing rather than trying is the most humbling, inspiring feeling one can ever experience. I will not go back to old trying behaviors now that I have experienced the difference.

The best way i can describe it (for me) is like standing in front of a giant wall. Subconsciously you know your ultimate dream, your fantasy life, is on the other side of that wall. You just can’t see it clearly. By doing life, committing to change, a ladder starts to build. Eventually the ladder gets to the top and you can see over to the other side. With witnessing this amazing sight of the other side, you work harder and commit yourself further, and eventually the ladder gets you over the wall completely. There is no chance I will ever return to the other side.

– Dominic Selfa, Bridgestone Golf, Atlanta, GA

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”

Winston Churchill